2014 Atlas Wealth Management Australian Expat Client Survey

2014 Atlas Wealth Management Australian Expat Client Survey

2014 Atlas Wealth Management Australian Expat Client Survey


Atlas Wealth Management recently finalised their annual client survey which is conducted with Australian expats spread over 14 countries. The survey is run every year to ensure that the financial services that Atlas Wealth Management is providing to their clients is first class and a leader in the financial services sector.

“By reaching out to our clients and asking the hard questions, “are we doing a good job”, “do you trust us”, “would you refer our business to a friend or colleague”, we are able to ensure that the service our clients are receiving is not only up to their expectations but exceeding them. We may think we are doing a great job but if our clients don’t think so then I think we’d be out of business pretty quickly” explained Executive Director Brett Evans.

Key findings from the survey for this year are:

  • 100% of clients know and like their financial adviser
  • 100% of clients rated their client experience with Atlas Wealth Management as either satisfactory or better with 84% of those clients rating the services provided as either Good or Very Good.
  • 100% of clients would recommend our business and 57.1% have recommended us in the past

“Whilst the results have been encouraging we won’t rest on our laurels and we will be introducing a number of key initiatives in the new year to take the client experience to the next level”.

If you would like to find out what financial advice we are able to offer to Australian expats and why 100% of our clients would recommend our business please contact us at [email protected] request a copy of the report or to organise a time to discuss your personal requirements.

Alternatively please go to the Contact Us page on our website and we’ll send out a rapid response to your query.

Brett Evans is the Managing Director and a Financial Planner with Atlas Wealth Management which is the first financial services firm in Australia to specialise in providing financial advice to Australian expatriates. With over 20 years of experience in the finance and investments industry, Brett has worked for blue chip companies which include the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), HSBC, Suncorp and Citi Smith Barney.


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