Australia Network Interview – Providing Financial Advice to Aussie Expats


27/08/2014 – Last month Executive Director of Atlas Wealth Management, Brett Evans, was interviewed by Sarah Clarke from the Australia Network as part of their AusBizAsia segment. The segment ran through Brett’s background as a Aussie expat, why he setup Atlas Wealth Management and what his top tips were for Australian expatriates when it comes to managing their finances and investments whilst they are offshore. To view this interview please click on the image below.


Australia Network Interview - Providing Financial Advice to Aussie Expats


Some of his top tips were:

  • Get tax advice from a accountant –  always speak to an accountant who has experience in providing accounting advice to expats to ensure that your expectations match up with that of the local tax legislation regarding non-resident classifications.
  • Set things up before you become an expat- once you go overseas you will more than likely be tempted with extravagant holidays and lifestyle that you could only dream about when you were in Australia. Its always a good idea to budget a savings strategy before you go otherwise you may never get around to doing it when your overseas and then you’ll have nothing to show for your time away apart from memories and photos.
  • Review your superannuation before you become a expat – when you become an expat, more often than not you won’t have the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) being credited to your account every year which means that your Australian compatriots will be racing ahead in the superannuation balance department. Get a super review before you go to ensure that you are invested in the correct asset classes and that any Life and TPD insurance inside of your superannuation is suitable for expats.

The Australia Network has been operating since 2006. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to approximately 44 countries in Asia, Indian Subcontinent and the Pacific and is a highly sought after channel by Australian expats who endeavor to keep up to date with Australian news and current affairs.