CCTV Global Business Interview with Brett Evans, adviser to Aussie Expats


23/02/2015 – Earlier this month our Executive Director Brett Evans was fortunate enough to be interviewed live on television by Cheng Lei for CCTV’s Global Business channel. The interview covered where the Australian and Chinese economies are heading, what the recent devaluation of the Australian Dollar will have on investors and the economy , and which areas we will see investors focusing on going forward. To view this interview please click on the image below.


Interview aussie expat adviser


If you can’t access YouTube please follow this link ( and fast forward to 35m40s.

The recent fall in the Australian dollar has opened the door to not only Australian expats who are interested in investing back in Australia but also international investors who are looking for a country that provides little sovereignty risk, relatively high yields and economic stability. The stimulative affects of a falling Australian dollar, cuts in the official interest rates as well as a falling oil price all lead to positive catalysts for not only the consumer but also for investors and companies.