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Australian expat investing in sharesAt Atlas Wealth Management we provide our clients with the ability to trade in all listed Australian companies. With the Australian economy now ranking as the 14th largest in the world (based on GDP) and the 4th largest in the Asia Pacific region, international investors see the Australian equity market as a viable alternative due to the world class companies that are listed on the index.

The Australian Stock Exchange is the 8th largest in the world with average daily trading of over A$5 billion. To learn more about the Australian Stock Exchange click on the link below.

ASX investing

There are many benefits to investing in Australian shares whilst you are an expatriate. Some of these may include:

  • Tax free income – as an Australian non-tax resident you can buy shares which distribute a fully franked dividend resulting in a tax free income.
  • No capital gains tax –  as long as you invest in Australian listed shares, Australian expatatriates are able to buy and sell and are not required to pay capital gains tax to the Australian government.
  • Stability – the Australian financial markets are held in the highest regard by international investors due to its stringent compliance and control measures.

The above statements do not take into account the various tax jurisdictions and regulations that exist overseas. Please contact Atlas Wealth Management to confirm what regulations apply to you before investing.

Since the Australian share market was established back in 1875,  it has delivered a positive return to investors in 97 of the 135 years or 71.85% of the time. As can be seen in the chart below, history suggests that even after some of the largest economic events in modern times, markets have recovered and is one of the reasons why shares are still one of the most popular and important investment vehicles for today’s investor.

Aussie expat share price history

In a recent report released by the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), they investigated the performance of various types of investments over the past 10, 20 and 25 years. After taking into account costs and tax, at both the lowest and highest marginal tax rates, Australian shares outperformed residential property, bonds and overseas shares over the twenty and twenty five year period. To find out more click on the link below to open the report.

ASX Long Term Investing Report


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