Currency Exchange

Sending money overseas can be expensive if you are using the major banks. Atlas Wealth Management has partnered with a company called OFX (formerly OzForex) that is able to offer this service to assist Australian expats move their money between different currencies for the best possible price. First launched in 1998, OFX now provides foreign exchange services to over 100,000 customers across 6 continents:

  • 300,000 fund transfers last year
  • US$8 billion in foreign exchange transactions last year
  • 1 million website visitors each month

The Group employs over 150 staff and has offices in Sydney, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Auckland. The Group is a strategic investment of Macquarie Bank, Accel Partners and the Carlyle Group. In addition, the company has key relationships with some of the most trusted names in banking including Barclays, UBS, Bank of New York Mellon, HSBC and Westpac.

With OFX you can transfer money faster and for a lot less. Their fee is only AUD15.00 and their exchange rates are much better than banks and other providers. Best of all you can do it anytime you like online or by phone – they are open 24-hours a day on business days.

By using OFX you will enjoy;

  • No receiving bank fees in most countries
  • Extremely competitive foreign exchange rates across 18 currencies
  • Online access 24/7
  • Access to a dedicated Dealer by phone 24-hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Complete exchange rate transparency
  • No transaction fees for amounts over AUD10,000
  • Risk management tools through Limit Orders and Forward Exchange Contracts
  • Exchange rate alerts via email
  • Access to our highly regarded daily and weekly “Market Commentary”

To speak to one of their accredited dealers about your foreign exchange requirements call 1300 300 424 in Australia (0845 686 1950 in the UK; 1800 680 0750 in Canada or 0800 161 868 in NZ) or register online.

Registering with them is FREE and you can view our live dealing rates immediately.

As a Atlas Wealth Management client you will receive your first two transactions fee FREE.


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