2018 Expat Insights Survey

Atlas Wealth Management 2018 Expat Insights Survey

The 2018 Expat Insights Survey is one of the largest surveys ever conducted with Australian expats. 1,774 Australian expats from 65 countries participated in the 2018 Atlas Wealth Management Expat Insights Survey.

The survey is a study designed to learn more about the Australian diaspora – the who, what and where of the Australian expat community.

Every year more than 300,000 Australian residents move overseas for a period of greater than 12 months, joining their fellow Australians abroad in what can be easily argued as our greatest export.

The purpose of the survey was to provide on the ground intelligence for those Australian expats either looking to relocate to a specific country or for someone living in Australia looking to join the expat ranks overseas.


Ask others for advice – what they wished they’d known before they made the leap. There were things I didn’t know that I didn’t know, so didn’t think to ask or research.

Sam, Australian expat in Hong Kong

2018 Expat Insights Report Answering Expat Questions?

Every day Atlas Wealth Management meets people who are either about to start their expat journey overseas or are looking to relocate to another country and one of the most common questions asked is “what is that country like for an Australian expat?”

By collating the responses from Australian expats in over 65 countries we are able to provide concise responses to this question and many more.

With Australian expats being better informed, not only may this improve the chances of a successful relocation but it may also assist when managing the family life.

In the Expat Insights survey 58% of Australian expats said that they were married and 35% of respondents are responsible for one or more children under the age of 17. Anytime a relocation occurs often there is more than one person to consider.

2018 Expat Insights From The Survey

32% of Australian expats said that the most important element of living overseas is the lifestyle

47% of Australian expats definitely intend to return to Australia

26% of Australian expats said that managing their finances has become more complex

15% of Australian expats moved overseas because their partner or spouse is a foreign citizen

49% of Australian expats are able to save more than when they lived in Australia

55% of Australian expats have more disposable income than when they lived in Australia

70% of Australian expats do not own property in Australia and 65% have no intention of buying property in Australia

57% of Australian expats have either an undergraduate or post graduate qualification

40% of Australian expats looking to buy property in Australia have been deterred by the recent tax changes

45% of Australian expats say that the cost of childcare is less expensive than Australia

43% of Australian expats are willing to return to Australia to live closer to family

22% of Australian expats children are learning a new language

Get out there and meet local people. Explore the culture and history of where you are.

Belinda, Australian expat in France

Global Community

Over the years the profile of a typical Australian expat has changed and these days it’s more likely that an Australian is moving overseas to find a new challenge or, thanks to the globalisation of relationships, relocate to their partner or spouses’ home country.

The stereotypical senior executive or professional moving overseas as part of an employee sponsored expatriation or university graduate looking to pull a few pints in a bar in London are still there, but the makeup of the Australian expat community is so much more diverse these days.

This year the most popular sector that an Australian expat works in is the education sector. It looks like our teachers have become Australia’s best export.

Top 3 Overall Destinations for Australian Expats

The top 3 destinations as voted by Australian expats in the Atlas Wealth Management 2018 Expat Insights survey are:


Home of the Merlion and the world famous Singapore Sling, Singapore takes first place in this years Best Overall Destination category as well as first place in the Careers Category. Always a popular destination for Australian expats, Singapore boasts a year round summer, close proximity to Australia, a vibrant economy and a great place to advance your career. Don’t forget to enjoy the Singapore chilli crab.


Japan’s strong economy, stable political system and culture meant that they were awarded second place in this years Expat Insights survey Best Overall Destination category. With over 65% of the Australian expat community receiving a higher disposable income in Japan and 69% being able to save more than when they lived in Australia, the country combines a blend of  financial and cultural benefits. Konnichiwa.


Home of some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe, the Netherlands (or sometimes referred to as Holland) comes in third place in the Best Overall Destination category. Known for its vast canals, windmills, tulip fields and amazing museum’s, why wouldn’t you want to live in the Netherlands. P.S Did you know that Netherlands literally means “lower countries”, referring to the countries trademark flat geography.





Don’t compare everything in your new country to what it was like in Australia. Just enjoy your new country for what it has to offer.

Adam, Australian expat in the USA


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