24 HOURS: A day in the life of Atlas Wealth Management

24 HOURS: A day in the life of Atlas Wealth Management

24 HOURS: A day in the life of Atlas Wealth Management


24 hours: A day in the life of Atlas Wealth Management. In the depths of the global financial crisis, Brett Evans decided there was a better way to do financial planning than the way he was doing it. In March, 2009 – “16 days before the bottom of the GFC, so we thought we were either the smartest guys or the dumbest guys” – Evans and a business partner established Gamma Wealth Management, a business that still operates on the Gold Coast, and in September 2011 Evans struck out on his own when he set up Atlas Wealth Management, Australia’s first specialist provider of Australian expat financial advice.

Evans zeroes in on the expats’ niche for a number of reasons, including the fact he is a former expat himself – while he was born in Newcastle, NSW, he has lived in Tucson, Arizona, and in Hong Kong.

“One of the things I love doing is being a subject matter expert, and just living and breathing a certain specific requirement,” Evans says.

“We do have a couple of local clients, but more so as a legacy from my previous business. We do have Australian-based clients but they are normally expats who have repatriated back to Australia. We still continue to service them, because we’ve been looking after them for a number of years and no-one knows their background better than we do.”

Dealing with expats means Atlas Wealth does not need to be located physically close to its clients. Evans says the decision to live and work at Southport also provides some significant lifestyle benefits.

“I can be on the beach in 10 minutes and I can be in the rainforest in 20”, he says.

This article originally appeared in a interview with Professional Planner.

Brett Evans is the Managing Director and a Financial Planner with Atlas Wealth Management which is the first financial services firm in Australia to specialise in providing financial advice to Australian expatriates. With over 20 years of experience in the finance and investments industry, Brett has worked for blue chip companies which include the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), HSBC, Suncorp and Citi Smith Barney.


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