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Welcome to the Atlas Australian Expat Blog. We’re all about making sure that Australian expats are able to access the right information in order to make fully informed financial decisions.

Whether its “what happens to my superannuation when I move overseas“, “where should I accumulate my assets as a Australian expat“, “what financial considerations do I need to be aware of when becoming an expat” and many more topics, this expat blog will answer all of those questions and many more.

Financial regulation, both  in Australia and overseas, is rapidly changing and Australian expats are finding it difficult keeping up with the changes let alone determining how it may affect them. When considering financial advice you need to look at it in a two dimensional space –  both from the Australian perspective and the country that you are domiciled in.

If you find a topic that we haven’t covered (we’re sorry, our advice doesn’t extend to why cats jump when they see cucumbers) then please feel free to contact us with your suggestion.

  • Aussie Expats – Giving Back In Singapore

    October 18, 20170 Comments

    Aussie Expats – Giving Back In Singapore   This week we’re taking a break from personal finance strategies and outlining how we, as Australian expats in Singapore, can give back to the community. Personally, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with inspiring people and a...

  • investment adviser of the year 2017

    Atlas Wealth Voted Investment Adviser of the Year

    October 6, 20170 Comments

    Atlas Wealth Management Voted Investment Adviser of the Year   In the 4th year of the annual ifa Excellence Awards Atlas Wealth Management has been voted as the Investment Adviser of the Year. “This is a true testament to the amount of work that the team at Atlas Wealth...

  • Aussie expat advice singapore

    Singapore Still A Favourite For Expats

    October 3, 20170 Comments

    Singapore Still A Favourite For Expats   Singapore is still a favourite for expats as shown in this years HSBC ‘Expat Explorer’ survey. The country secured first place as the best place for an expat to live. Australia took out 7th place, with Norway and New Zealand following Singapore...

  • Accountants Daily

    ATO increasing data exchange with international regulators

    September 4, 20170 Comments

    ATO increasing data exchange with international regulators   Data sharing between tax regulators in different countries is rapidly increasing, with the ATO turning in around 30,000 US expats to the IRS just last year according to a US tax lawyer. Moodys Gartner director Roy Berg explained that under the...

  • Accountants Daily

    Big tax bills surfacing for expat clients

    September 4, 20170 Comments

    ‘Big tax bills’ surfacing for expat clients Atlas Wealth Management managing director Brett Evans explained to sister publication SMSF Adviser that due to tax rules brought in by the IRS back in 1996, where US citizens or Australians residing in the US invest in a passive foreign investment company...

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