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Australian Expat Financial Advisers

Atlas Wealth Management prides itself on the being the preeminent provider of financial advice to Australian expats however this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of a team of Australian expat financial advisers.

As the only financial services firm in Australia to specialise in the provision of Australian expat financial advice we are proud of our award winning services to Aussie expats located in over 18 countries.

Whether you need financial advice surrounding your Australian superannuation accounts, investment opportunities available to Australian expats or require a full financial plan to review your personal circumstances we have the skills and expertise to provide you with advice that is not only tailored to you but also your status as a Australian expat.

  • Brett Evans
    Managing Director & Financial Planner

    Brett Evans is the Managing Director and a Financial Planner with Atlas Wealth Management which is the first financial services firm in Australia to specialise in providing financial advice to Australian expatriates. With over 20 years of experience in the finance and investments industry, Brett has worked for blue chip companies which include the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), HSBC, Suncorp and Citi […]

  • James Ridley
    Director & Financial Planner

    James is an experienced financial planner who brings a multitude of skills and experience to the table when it comes to providing Australian expat financial advice. After completing university, James was an accountant for four years at which point he then moved into the financial services sector and became a financial planner. Combining his accounting skills with financial advice, James has advised individuals, […]

  • Sophie Miller
    Operations Manager

    Sophie is the Operations Manager for Atlas Wealth Management. With clients’ all over the world, it is her role to ensure that all facets of the business operate smoothly and to ensure that Australian expats receive the best service. She focuses on the implementation of the systems across the business and ensures that best practice is maintained at all times, […]

  • Ynes Perrin
    Client Service Officer

    Ynes (pronounced E-Ness) is the Client Service Officer at Atlas Wealth Management. Born in Australia she lived in the UK for 13 years before relocating back to Australia. It is her role to be provide support to our Australian expat clients and ensure that the management of their finances is a smooth and enjoyable process. With clients in over 18 […]

  • Melanie Evans
    Manager – Pre Departure Review Service

    Mel, who is a former Aussie expat and grew up in Hong Kong, is the manager of our Pre Departure Review service. The Pre Departure Review service is designed to answer the questions that you may have and many more that you probably haven’t even thought of when you are moving overseas. What happens to my superannuation when I move […]

  • Hayley Lewis
    Administration Officer

    Hayley is the administration officer for Atlas Wealth Management and no, she isn’t the famous swimmer though the name does help in getting restaurant reservations. In her role, Hayley is tasked with ensuring that the I’s are doted and the T’s are crossed. In today’s compliance driven world there is a lot of work that needs to be done in […]

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