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Australian Expat Investment Advice

As a provider of Australian expat investment advice, Atlas Wealth Management understands the importance of ensuring that the savings that you have built up in your investment and superannuation accounts not only needs to be preserved but grown as well.

When managing the investment and superannuation accounts for Australian expats the advice that is provided considers your residency tax status (e.g. non-resident for Australian tax purposes if that is appropriate).


To achieve the aim of preserving and growing your wealth, we gather our research from a number of Australia’s and the world’s leading stockbroking and research companies.

The reason we do this is to ensure that the advice we are basing our investment decisions on is not biased by one company’s relationship to an analyst or a company’s relationship with an investment bank. By filtering the research we are able to get a concise view of what the markets opinions are and then decipher what the most pertinent research is.

We do not believe in simply placing your investments in a generic managed fund because this will not achieve the level of personalisation or potential that each client deserves. When you sit down with an Atlas Wealth Management adviser, not only will they learn about your personal circumstances but they will tailor a portfolio that is suitable for you. All depending on what your goals are there are a number of different investments which may be incorporated into your portfolio.

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