Expat Super Guide


One of the most common questions asked by Australian expats is what do I do with my superannuation in Australia now that I’m an Aussie expat? Just because you have moved overseas is no reason why you should stop caring about your Australian superannuation account.

For most this account may be one of your largest assets when it comes to retirement and the little things done early will give you the biggest gains when it comes time to retire.

The Australian expat superannuation guide is designed to educate you about the pro’s and con’s of managing your superannuation when you move overseas.

In the Australian Expat Superannuation Guide we cover off on the following topics and many more


  • What about employer contributions? Is my employer obliged to pay the superannuation guarantee whilst i’m an Australian expat?
  • Australian Expat Self Managed Superannuation Funds – What are the do’s and don’ts when managing a SMSF as a Australian expat?
  • Making super contributions as an Australian expat – Should you continue to make personal contributions to your superannuation whilst you’re an Australian expat?
  • Transferring Superannuation – What are my options to transfer my superannuation both into and out of Australia?
  • Managing Superannuation as an Australian Expat in the USA – what do you need to know about the US regulations that may affect your Australian expat superannuation and how may it affect your US tax return

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Client Testimonials

  • Brett is a truly independent financial planner, with deep knowledge and experience in dealing with the special needs of expatriates, drawing from his personal experience living and working in Asia. He is proactive, regularly providing updates on portfolio performance and ideas for portfolio improvement and re-balancing as market conditions and investment performance change. I commend his work and the broader Atlas Wealth team.
  • Brett has been our financial advisor during our time overseas in Shanghai and I have been impressed with his diligent and methodical approach to our investments, and the ability to access and manage a wide range of investment instruments to suit our particular circumstances. He has a thorough understanding of the issues relevant to expats’ situations, eg tax, foreign exchange risk and the arcane details of superannuation and life insurance, but also with a view to planning for our eventual return home.
  • “I highly recommend Brett, I know him for over 5 years and engaged him for my financial planning for the last 2 - 3 years. I benefited a lot from his knowledge and professional skills, he is passionate about his work and very well organized. Brett is always responsive and happy to assist.”
  • Brett is intelligent, switched-on and great to deal with. His knowldege of financial products and asset classes is exceptional as is his integrity and professionalism. I'd highly recommend Brett and Atlas Wealth Management to anyone looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable and highly capable advisor.
  • Having worked with Brett on a number of projects, I can directly attest to the commitment he has sourcing the right outcome for his clients. Moreover, Brett has the highest ethical standing amongst his professional peers and I am very happy to recommend Brett as an unparalleled partner one's financial affairs.
  • I met Brett while attending a 'Social Adviser' workshop. The guy is an expert on the subject of expatriates and their financial/investment needs. I have called on him myself when I had a client moving overseas and he was more than happy to assist me......pointing myself and my client in the right direction. Recommended!
  • I really appreciate the carefully tailored advice that Brett provides me. The constant market updates are a great source of general information and help me to determine the kind of investment I feel I need to be making. Taken in tandem with the one-on-one advice Brett provides, it makes for a very deep insight into my super and ultimately my retirement needs.
  • Brett provides good advice based on the unique needs of the client. As I am working as an expat it is important to get the right person working for you, Brett is the right man.
  • I was referred to Brett through a friend who had worked with him in the capacity I was looking for. I found Brett to be immediately helpful and insightful and had all the answers to my questions in a way I could understand enabling me to make informed decisions very quickly. Brett has done a great job of guiding me through several financial decisions I'd been seeking assistance for for some time. I'd have no problems recommending his services to anyone that may be looking to use them.
  • Brett's a real professional. He understands his clients and how best to build a portfolio for them. Best of all, his advice makes sense and gets results.