Australian Expats – Is Your Financial Adviser Licensed in Australia

Australian Expats – Is Your Financial Adviser Licensed in Australia
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Australian Expats In Singapore – Where Is Your Financial Adviser Licensed ?


If you’re an Australian expat living and working in Singapore (or any country for that matter), and you’re considering seeking financial advice from an adviser who has experience in Australia, it’s important to check them out to ensure you’re making an informed decision by working out where is your financial adviser licensed? Thankfully, technology makes this a very easy process for you to check out both if the adviser is licensed in Australia to provide you with advice on Australian products as well as what products they can advise you on.

To see if your adviser is licensed in Australia you can search the Financial Adviser Register either with the individual’s name or with their Representative Number. To do so, head to the Financial Adviser Register here:

You can also perform the same search for the Adviser’s license details in Singapore, providing you have their Representative Number. To perform this search, you can head to the MAS Register of Representatives with the link below:

Choosing the right financial adviser for you can be one of the greatest decisions that you make in defining and achieving your financial goals. Remember to do your homework and ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

There are a lot of financial advisers overseas who are offering their services as a specialist in providing financial advice to Australian expats however what they aren’t telling you is that they are saying the same thing to the other 20 nationalities that they are trying to get as clients as well.

Australian expats are usually a great judge of character so to find a great adviser, and after doing the above research, speak to your friends or colleagues who are Australian expats and ask for recommendations and testimonials (if they can’t provide any feel free to look at ours here).

Jarrad is an experienced Australian qualified Fee-Based Financial Planner providing comprehensive financial plans and strategic advice for Australian expatriates in Singapore. He strives to educate and empower his clients on the principles of financial planning, investment philosophy, portfolio management and superannuation strategies, Australian repatriation and wealth protection. Jarrad is also a passionate supporter of the community. His efforts were recognised when he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International and the Citizen of the Year Award in Western Australia. Jarrad holds a Bachelor of Commerce, an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (Level I) and is accredited with the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore. All advice provided in Singapore is conducted through Global Financial Consultants Pte Ltd (License number FA100035-3) who is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Atlas Wealth Management Pty Ltd (AFSL 471653). Jarrad is a sub authorised representative of Global Financial Consultants Pte Ltd (#1241082).


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